Wantrup Preserve

The Wantrup Preserve is comprised of 730 acres of oak woodland, scrub and grassland plant communities in the Pope Valley.

The property, which was conveyed to the Land Trust by U.C. Berkeley Professor Siegfried von Ciriacy-Wantrup in 1982, contains a diverse array of oak woodland habitats. These include outstanding examples of valley oak savannah, a threatened habitat that is limited to California and has largely been lost to agricultural conversion and development.  The Land Trust continues long-term valley oak restoration efforts initiated by long-time caretaker and botanist Joe Callizo.

Land Trust stewardship staff is also actively working to control invasive exotic plants and animals, protect special status native species, and learn more about the Preserve’s wildlife resources.  In addition, Wantrup continues to serve as a natural laboratory for researchers from universities across the US and Europe, who utilize the Preserve’s wildlife and botanical resources to further scientific understanding of ecology and evolution.

Access to the Preserve is by permission only and through guided Land Trust hikes. Please contact the Land Trust at 707-252-3270 or e-mail the caretaker, Leaf Hayes, for access information.