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Reward yourself with a career in conservation. Land Trust of Napa County is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land. We collaborate with the community to protect our most cherished places, while supporting our economic livelihood and well-being. For Napa County this means protecting farmland, water resources, recreational areas and wildlife corridors.

Land Trust of Napa County is an equal opportunity employer.


Current Job Openings:



Wantrup Preserve Caretaker

Position Summary

The Wantrup Preserve caretaker position is a combination of several functions: land steward, handyperson, trouble-shooter, physical presence on the Preserve, Land Trust ambassador, on-site contact, host and neighbor. The caretaker position requires experience and skill with living and working in a remote, rustic setting. This includes repair and maintenance of preserve equipment, roads, fencing, water systems and structures. The caretaker should have a strong interest in and respect for the Preserve’s biological resources and conservation values, and a willingness to assist with natural resource restoration and conservation activities. As the primary Preserve contact, the caretaker should have the ability to interact with Preserve visitors, researchers, neighbors, Land Trust members, and trespassers with generous amounts of hospitality, diplomacy, tact, common sense and good judgment. The caretaker(s) are Land Trust employees, and will be expected to uphold and honor the spirit and specifications of the Land Trust’s land protection and stewardship programs under the supervision of program managers.



The following represents a list of those standard duties to be performed by the caretaker. Additional responsibilities may arise as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Preserve Stewardship Manager.


Preserve Stewardship

  • Assist with prescribed, multi-paddock grazing activities including (1) livestock rotation, (2) installation, repair and maintenance of fixed and portable pasture fence, (3) installation, repair and maintenance of fixed and portable stock water systems, (4) assisting LTNC staff and contractors with residual dry matter, soil and vegetation sampling to monitor grazing effects.
  • Assist with valley oak restoration activities, including acorn collection and sorting, pre-germination, out-planting, weed control, watering, and volunteer workdays.
  • Assist with other invasive species control, habitat restoration and related activities.
  • Assist with assessment and monitoring of wildlife and botanical resources.



  • Maintain solar and water systems, including inspecting the waterlines/water tanks/pumps and filtration system at least quarterly.
  • Remove fallen trees and overgrowth from driveway and Preserve roads as needed, including the use of a chainsaw.
  • Regularly inspect and repair perimeter and interior fences and gates.
  • Be responsible for contacting neighbors when their cattle or other farm animals roam onto Preserve property.
  • Maintain defensible space around the house, including annual mowing and debris removal.
  • Be responsible for regular maintenance of all Preserve vehicles, including tractor, UTV and 4-wheel drive.
  • Record monthly water level readings at preserve pond, and maintain area surrounding staff gauge for water rights reporting purposes.
  • Assist with maintenance needs on other LTNC preserves as needed and time allows, including removal of downed trees and road/trail maintenance.


Visitor Relations

  • Know the rules for hikers using the Preserve.
  • Know the trail system and the location of Preserve boundaries.
  • Answer and respond to visitor phone inquiries regarding Wantrup.
  • Be familiar with the Land Trust’s field trips and volunteer work days.
  • Regularly survey the Preserve for evidence of drop-in hikers, bikers and unauthorized uses.
  • Advise trespassers of the Preserve restrictions and handle accordingly. As necessary, discuss repeated violations with Preserve Stewardship Manager.
  • Assist with volunteer stewardship workdays, field trips and events.


Hosting Researchers and Invitees of the Land Trust

The caretaker residence periodically also serves as housing for scientists conducting research on LTNC preserves and other Land Trust invitees. A separate section of the residence containing a kitchen and bathroom has been dedicated for this purpose, but the kitchen and main living area are shared during these periods. The caretaker will be expected to accommodate researchers and other invitees of the Land Trust, including the following:

  • Field calls and e-mails from researchers who would like to arrange accommodation at the Preserve house.
  • Notify Land Stewardship Manager or Assistant Stewardship Coordinator of all researcher inquiries to ensure completion of Research Use Permit application and coordination with management activities.
  • Coordinate with Assistant Stewardship Coordinator to arrange accommodations for researchers/invitees of the Land Trust.
  • Ensure that the guest section of the residence is clean and prepared for researcher/invitee visits, and familiarize researchers/invitees with accommodations upon arrival.



The caretaker is an employee of the Land Trust, and works under the direct supervision of the Stewardship Program Manager. The caretaker will also coordinate with other stewardship and administrative staff as needed. The caretaker is expected to maintain the following records on an on-going basis and submit them on a monthly basis, unless noted otherwise to the Preserve Stewardship Manager. The following reporting forms will be provided:

  • Work duty reporting form to Land Stewardship Manager: A detailed account of work performed each month to assist with stewardship tracking and record keeping.
  • Time card reporting form twice monthly to Office Administrator.
  • Monthly Invoices for reimbursement to Office Administrator.


The caretaker will also be expected to participate in a monthly preserve stewardship update and reporting phone call with the Stewardship Program Manager and/or Assistant Stewardship Coordinator to directly provide information on preserve activities, projects and issues.


The caretaker will live in the preserve residence free of rent in exchange for a monthly work requirement. To apply, submit a cover letter, resume and contact information for two professional references to megan[at] by close of business on Monday, February 3rd, 2020. No photographs or phone calls please. Please reference Wantrup 2020 in the Subject line.

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