Topic Specific Natural History Outings Enhance Land Trust’s Field Trip Program

LTNC stewardship staff has continued to expand expert-led, topic specific field trip offerings. These outings have been a great way to highlight the outstanding biological diversity on LTNC’s conservation lands, and have been a hit with participants!
Last February, SFSU biology professor and chaparral ecologist Tom Parker led a manzanita-focused field trip on the Foote Botanical Preserve. Tom shared his wealth of knowledge on manzanita ecology, evolution, natural history and identification as participants hiked from the Napa Valley floor to the Mount George summit.

Last April, professional herpetologist Jeff Alvarez led a reptiles and amphibians hike on the Wantrup Preserve. Thanks to Jeff’s sharp eye and great hike leader skills, folks were able to get up close and personal with a number of very cool native species including California King Snake, Western Toad, Slender Salamander, Sierra Tree Frog and Southern Alligator Lizard.

Also last April, professional wildlife ecologist and tracker Meghan Walla Murphy led a wildlife tracking workshop on the Dunn-Wildlake Preserve. Meghan did an excellent job opening participant’s eyes to the world of observing, understanding and appreciating wildlife species through interpretation of tracks and sign.

LTNC has also provided great opportunities for bird and native plant enthusiasts to get out on the land and learn this year. LTNC hosted spring birding hikes for kids and adults on the Linda Falls and Wantrup Preserves led by Audubon Society’s Murray Berner and Alex Green, as well as botany hikes on Missimer Preserve the Mead Ranch led by professional botanist Jake Ruygt. We look forward to building on this momentum and offering new field trip opportunities in the coming months!