Photos and Post by Jorgen Gulliksen, Communications Associate

At Land Trust of Napa County’s Foote Preserve on Mt. George, the fog dissipated only a handful of times for brief moments during the solar eclipse today.

In fact, for over 45 minutes, the fog and cloud cover seemed to make any viewing opportunities a longshot.

Finally, at 9:52am, I was able to see the eclipse peek through just enough to make it visible, but not so visible I would need a solar filter on the camera.


At 10:09am, it again became visible through the clouds just enough to get another series of photos.


Another glimpse came again at 10:14am, but it was so quick, I had no time to photograph it. I was able to capture it for a few seconds during a Facebook Live post, but that was it.

The last time I was able to photograph it was at 10:33am. In this photo, I used Photoshop to create a silhouette of the preserve.

Even though I came away with only a few photos, the time differences between them at least gives you an idea of how the moon rotated across the sun’s path.

Maybe there will be better weather when the next one comes along in seven years.