The Land Trust recently partnered with the Napa County Resource Conservation District and Natural Resources Conservation Service to further its watershed restoration efforts.

Road related erosion has been identified as a priority, controllable source of sediment pollution in the Napa River system. Using well-established erosion control Best Management Practices for forest and ranch roads, the Land Trust worked with its partners to storm proof approximately three and half miles of actively eroding road length on preserve lands in the Atlas Peak area.

The Land Trust’s installation of carefully designed erosion control features is aimed at significantly lowering the risk of catastrophic erosion during major rain events, and at substantially reducing fine sediment delivery to streams. Storm proofing road systems can have immediate benefits to stream and aquatic habitat, helping to ensure that the biological productivity of the watershed is not impacted by human-caused erosion.

The Land Trust has now treated over 20 miles of hydrologically connected road lengths within its preserves, preventing an estimated 1,200 cubic yards of sediment from being transported to streams and wetlands in local watersheds.