2015 Acre by Acre Award

2015 Acre by Acre Award: Chip Bouril and Penny Proteau

The 2015 Acre by Acre Award was presented to Chip Bouril and Penny Proteau at the second annual Cornerstone Society Gathering on May 16, 2015.

Chip and Penny are longtime land preservation advocates and avid contributors to their community.  Both are volunteers of approximately 20 years who average 200 hours of volunteer time annually for Land Trust of Napa County (LTNC) in various capacities.

Chip is a professional in natural resource management and environmental consulting, serving as an advisor to landowners with Natural Resources Conservation Service and a consultant for LSA Associates, Inc. He has been a member of the Land Trust since 1984 and served on the board of trustees twice in the last 22 years, both for six year terms.  He helps lead at least four hikes each year, conducts several annual monitoring visits, is an active member of numerous committees, and coordinates multiple stewardship days on the Linda Falls Preserve annually.  In addition to his commitment to LTNC, he also donates his time to other organizations including the Napa Valley State Parks Association, the California Native Plant Society, the Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District, and the Sierra Club.

Chip Bouril and Penny Proteau
Penny has been a member since 1984 and is a generous volunteer and ambassador for LTNC. She has a deep love and appreciation for her hometown as a Bay Area native.  Penny started volunteering for LTNC in the mid 1990’s. She participates on the Field Trip Committee and leads four to eight hikes per year as well. She has also served on the Connolly Ranch Committee and helps with events and in any other capacity she can.  Beyond her service to LTNC, she actively donates her time volunteering for the Master Gardeners of Napa County, Napa Valley State Park Association, the California Native Plant Society, and the Napa Vine Trail.

The impact of Chip and Penny’s conservation efforts, advocacy, and generosity benefits the entire Napa County community now and for future generations.