The American Conservation Experience, otherwise known as ACE, is a non-profit that provides real-world conservation work for young people from all over the United States, lending a hand to conservation-based agencies and organizations who may need assistance with projects such as habitat restoration, trail construction and maintenance, and fuels reduction. Over the past ten years, LTNC has worked with ACE crews on a number of different projects across our preserve system. LTNC hires ACE crews annually with grant and donor funds to help us with various stewardship projects on our permanent preserve properties.

The crews help with projects that include trail maintenance, invasive species removal, planting native species, riparian restoration, and more.

We have a long list of land stewardship projects at the Land Trust each year. Working with the ACE Crews enables us to make progress on many projects we would otherwise not be able to pursue.

This year, part of the ACE team’s work involves cleaning up trail systems after winter storms, planting native milkweed as part of a monarch habitat enhancement project, and removing invasive plants such as wooly vetch (Vicia villosa), French broom (Genista monspessulana), and yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis).

ACE crews remove Harding grass on Land Trust Preserve

ACE crews remove French broom on Land Trust Preserve

ACE crews remove invasive wooly vetch from Land Trust Preserve