This 5-petal blue/purple flowering evergreen groundcover, while seemingly cute and popular, is indeed a highly invasive species. Originating from Europe, Africa and Asia, Vinca spreads easily by seed and, to a much greater extent, by re-rooting vines and stems through their rhizomes.

Vinca grows well in full sun and deep shade, forming dense stands over time that envelop other plant life and prevents saplings and shrubs from growing by blocking out the light. As it takes over an area, it displaces the natural ecosystem. Vinca is also poisonous to humans, dogs and rabbits and has no natural predator—even insects avoid the plant!

The Land Trust staff works annually on Vinca removal at our Archer Taylor Preserve during the wet season and in summer. Even if the area appears to be fully cleared, Vinca can and will regrow from broken stems, so multiple visits are required for eradication efforts by bagging and removing of all plant parts. We continue to dramatically reduce this dense invasive species, allowing the natural habitat to grow and be preserved for generations to come.

Want to help? Join us for a work party, where we have one coming up on June 10th! Click here to find out more.