Land Trust of Napa County is pleased to announce the closing of a conservation easement over land owned by the City of St. Helena.

Located at the end of Adams St. near the Napa River in St. Helena, the 15-acre project took several years to complete while working with the California Department of Water Resources.

Known as a mitigation easement, the project was required by the Department of Water Resources as part of a flood control grant for $3.1 million that the City received. Closing the project allowed the City to receive its final payment.

Mitigation easements are not typical for the Land Trust, but because we are one of the few organizations qualified to hold a conservation easement, when the City asked for our assistance and agreed to cover all our expenses, the Land Trust was pleased to assist.

Map of City of St. Helena flood mitigation CE

Map of City of St. Helena flood mitigation conservation easement