Walt Ranch Forever Protected

Walt Ranch is Now Permanently Protected!

The Land Trust of Napa County is pleased to report the acquisition of the 2,300-acre Walt Ranch property. The property will become the Land Trust’s newest preserve and is now protected in perpetuity.

This has been a major undertaking for us and we’re excited to have completed this purchase and the preservation of this important biological resource for Napa County.

Earlier this year, the Land Trust purchased the property at a discounted price.  Craig and Kathryn Hall donated over 25% of the value of the property.  Additional funding for the purchase came through grants totaling $18M from the State Coastal Conservancy, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Board.

The Land Trust is now focused on building a $4M fund to pay for land stewardship and expenses of this large property, including a required management plan. The stewardship work to be done will include forest thinning, grazing, and prescribed burns to lower fuel loads, building trails, erosion control on old ranch roads to protect streams, restoration of rare species and reducing the threat of invasive species.

A $1 million donation from the William and Inez Mabie Family Foundation has been committed to kickstart the effort of creating a fund needed to responsibly manage the preserve and develop compatible public access.

Land Trust CEO Doug Parker called the Mabie Family Foundation gift “critical.” “It will be expensive to manage the property and this generous donation will go a long way toward initiating that effort,” he said in a Land Trust news release.

Eventually, the property will be open to the public for hiking, biking and public use.

We thank you for all your help. Your support is critical to the Land Trust’s ability to take on this kind of large-scale project, to carry it forward to a meaningful conclusion and to protect this land forever.

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View of undisturbed forest and meadows on Walt Ranch.
Jepson's leptosiphon, another rare species that will be protected on Walt Ranch.
Walt Ranch Map 092523