Our Impact

We protect land in Napa county through these conservation initiatives:

The Land Trust works cooperatively with landowners and our community to protect agricultural land, water resources, wildlife and wildlife corridors, scenic open space, forests, ranches, wildflower meadows and native biodiversity throughout Napa County. We permanently protect land through the use of conservation easements that limit future development, or through direct land acquisition. By carefully prioritizing our activities the Land Trust has made significant progress toward creating a network of conservation lands that will continue to provide clean water, wildlife habitat and corridors, thriving agricultural lands, and access to nature for all those who live in and visit the Napa Valley.

On land owned by the Land Trust, we pursue active management including removing invasive plants, restoring native species, protecting wildlife corridors, decreasing erosion, restoring streamside habitat, conducting prescribed burns, forest management and grazing to reduce fuel loads and restore natural values and more.


48 Years and 94,000 Acres Saved!

  • 94,000 acres protected – over 17.5% of Napa County –
    in 48 years and 252 projects:
  • 158 Conservation Agreements (properties stay in private ownership, but the Land Trust holds the land conservation agreement)
  • 21 properties transferred to resource agencies (properties have been transferred to such agencies as Fish & Wildlife and State Parks)
  • 25 properties owned by the Land Trust
  • 47,034  Acres under Land Conservation Agreements
  • 26,209  Acres transferred to State and Local Agencies
  • 21,000 Acres owned by the Land Trust
  • 94,000  Acres currently protected = over 17.5% of the county

Some of our recent accomplishments

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The second-largest purchase in Land Trust history – the 2,300 acre property will become the Land Trust’s newest preserve and is now protected in perpetuity.

[/dica_divi_carouselitem][dica_divi_carouselitem title=”Land Trust protects 1,400-acre ranch” url=”https://napalandtrust.org/land-trust-protects-1400-acre-ranch/” button_url_new_window=”1″ image=”https://napalandtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Land-Trust-protects-1400-acre-ranch_web-ready.jpg” _builder_version=”4.23.1″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”]

Running Deer Ranch connects large conservation lands together to preserve wildlife corridors and oak woodland systems.

[/dica_divi_carouselitem][dica_divi_carouselitem title=”Preservation Partnership – LTNC transfers 482-acre property to UC Davis Natural Reserves” url=”https://napalandtrust.org/preservation-partnership-land-trust-of-napa-county-transfers-482-acre-property-to-uc-davis-natural-reserves/” button_url_new_window=”1″ image=”https://napalandtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/LandTrustAquires482Acres.jpg” _builder_version=”4.23″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”]

The property abuts Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve and Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.

[/dica_divi_carouselitem][dica_divi_carouselitem title=”Land Trust Works with Partners to Complete Forest-Thinning Project in Angwin” url=”https://napalandtrust.org/land-trust-works-with-partners-to-complete-forest-thinning-project-in-angwin/” button_url_new_window=”1″ image=”https://napalandtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Land-Trust-forest-thinning.jpeg” _builder_version=”4.23.1″ _module_preset=”default” link_option_url=”https://napalandtrust.org/land-trust-works-with-partners-to-complete-forest-thinning-project-in-angwin/” global_colors_info=”{}”]

A 120-acre fuels reduction and forest health project on the Land Trust’s Linda Falls Preserve.


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