Saving Land in Napa Since 1976

Land Trust of Napa County is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land.

What We Do

The Land Trust works cooperatively with landowners and our community to protect agricultural land, water resources, wildlife and wildlife corridors, scenic open space, forests, ranches, wildflower meadows and native biodiversity throughout Napa County. We permanently protect land through the use of conservation easements that limit future development, or through direct land acquisition. By carefully prioritizing our activities the Land Trust has made significant progress toward creating a network of conservation lands that will continue to provide clean water, wildlife habitat and corridors, thriving agricultural lands, and access to nature for all those who live in and visit the Napa Valley.

How We Do It

Conservation Easements

The Land Trust partners with individual land owners to develop the optimal conservation plan and preserve a portion of their land forever. Conservation easements offer landowners the opportunity to permanently restrict the use of their land, while maintaining ownership. LTNC works with land owners on easement donations, which can result in significant federal and state income tax benefits to the donor. As the holder of a conservation agreement, the Land Trust is responsible to monitor the land in the future, and we ask easement donors to help fund this cost. Learn More

Land Acquisitions

The Land Trust acquires land to protect scenic and natural values. Napa is one of the highest ranking sites for biodiversity and rare species in the country and the Land Trust owns 19,637 acres, protected forever.

Property Transfers

The Land Trust assists local, state and federal agencies (State, County and City Parks, California Fish and Wildlife, etc.) in acquiring open space, parks and wildlife refuges.


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