Earlier this month, G&J Seiberlich & Co. partner and Land Trust board member Greg Bennett, along with 15 of his co-workers, helped us in our continuing battle against French broom during a work-party at one of our upvalley protected properties.

By removing a non-native invasive plant like French broom, native plants have a better chance to re-establish, benefiting surrounding vegetation and animals as well.

The fog gave the morning a chilly start, but once it burned off, the crisp blue sky made for pleasant work-party weather.

Heavy rains from the week prior helped loosen the soil up for the team as they cleared out an area of about 800 sq. yds.

Thanks for all your help G&J Seiberlich & Co.!

p.s. – Interested in creating a volunteer workday for your group or company? Email Development Manager Kimberly Barrett at Kimberly[AT]napalandtrust.org