Linda Falls

This Preserve is situated near the community of Angwin in Napa County within the Conn Creek watershed. The elevation ranges from 810 ft. at the southern point where Conn Creek exits the Preserve to 1580 ft. The substrate is of volcanic origin. The Preserve is part of the historic La Jota Land Grant and was probably first logged in the mid 1800s. Parcels totaling 140 acres were donated to the Land Trust in the 2000s from owners who used it as a weekend retreat. The Preserve features a unique waterfall where Conn Creek cascades over angular volcanic boulders.

Vegetation on the Preserve is predominantly coniferous forest with mixed chaparral covering perhaps 7-10 acres. There is evidence of community succession where Douglas Fir Forest has replaced oak woodland. Dominant species include Douglas fir, madrone, canyon live oak, black oak and California bay. Other habitat types present on the Preserve are white alder/bay/maple riparian forest and mixed manzanita/chamise/live oak chaparral.

The Preserve protects over 132 native plant species including 11 tree species and 32 types of shrubs. It protects the rare Napa False Indigo, one of the largest populations of narrow-anthered California Brodiaea in addition to locally rare creeping wild ginger and California willow-herb.

Access to the Preserve is by permission only and through Land Trust guided hikes. Please contact the Land Trust at 707-252-3270 for access information.