It’s not every day we get to share a beautiful story of budding love, but exactly 10 years ago today, while playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons with friends, Ned asked Emily (his now wife) if she wanted to go on a hike held by the Land Trust that very same day. Luckily, she said YES!

Emily and Ned went on the Maggie’s Peak hike, a 6 mile trek that took them along the creek, through the majestic forest and up the mountainside to dramatic valley views and stunning waterfalls, all part of LTNC’s Archer Taylor Preserve. Emily, having studied geology at UC Davis was thrilled to discover the columnar rock formations along Redwood Creek. Their recollection of the day is romantically described as “appropriate parts foggy, mysterious and steamy” — quite perfect in describing their first hike together on a day that matched their growing fondness for each other. Fast forward to today, they are happily married, have a beautiful 19 month old daughter and live in Colorado. They both still have a fondness for nature and hiking.

Emily and Ned went back to Maggie’s Peak (with permission from the Land Trust) a few more times while they still lived in California where they were able to get the photo taken (shown above) of them at the base of the falls a few years later. We wish Emily and Ned a very happy 10 year anniversary and are so grateful to them for sharing this wonderful story with us, allowing us to share with you!