The Stewardship staff just received a grant of $155,000 to do something we have never done before – enhance a population of a federally listed species.

The California Red-legged Frog, the largest native frog in this region, has lost over 70% of its native habitat. The grant is from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, through the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Working with a herpetologist, who is licensed to work with this federally protected species, our staff have already taken the first step; translocating egg masses from a site outside Napa to wetlands on a Land Trust Preserve. That was completed two weeks ago and now, there are already tadpoles.

We look forward to sharing more details about this story as the project continues.

Adult Red-legged frog

The California red-legged frog (pictured here as an adult) is one of the few federally listed species in Napa County.