We hope you saw the front-page coverage in the Napa Register about the Land Trust’s efforts to purchase Walt Ranch. If not, click on the link to read it.
Napa Land Trust receives $7 million for Walt Ranch buy

We are pleased to announce that the Land Trust has secured the first $7 million needed by May 31 to purchase the 2,300-acre property. We would like to thank the State Coastal Conservancy for swiftly approving this grant and providing these crucial funds.

Walt Ranch is located along Highway 121 in the mountains between the city of Napa and Lake Berryessa and is the top priority for conservation in Napa due to its natural values, water protection, rare plants and animals, strategic location, public access and scenic values.

Walt Ranch contains 3 miles of streams; diverse habitats of oak woodlands, montane hardwoods and extensive open grasslands; rare species of wildflowers found only in Napa and nearby, nowhere else. Milliken Creek runs through the property and on to Milliken Reservoir, a municipal water source for the 80,000 residents of the City of Napa. Permanently protecting the property will enhance the value of 5,500 acres of abutting protected lands and ensure the protection of two wildlife corridors running both north-south and east-west across Napa County.

We still have a long ways to go to reach our fundraising goal. Please help us acquire the property by May 31 and manage it as a new nature preserve. Can you consider a gift today?  And please help spread the word so that this incredible property can be protected forever. EVERY DONATION HELPS!