In late April, Lands Program Assistant Erin Erickson led a French broom pulling work party at our Dimmick property with a group of Pacific Union College biology students.

Aimee Wyrick-Brownworth ‑ associate professor and chair of the Biology department at Pacific Union College ­- brought 16 of her students to help the Land Trust in the continuing battle against French broom.

For those who may not know, French broom is not just a plant with pretty yellow flowers. It is an invasive, non-native plant that, according to California Invasive Plant Council, can reach an average height of 4.5 feet in two growing seasons.

It grows fast and displaces smaller native plants easily because of that. It also has toxic foliage and seeds that can make some animals sick.

The Dimmick property is fairly new to us and the workdays up there have been limited so far. This, along with its proximity to Pacific Union College and the thick patches of French broom taking over certain pockets made it an ideal place for all involved.

“They did a great job of pulling out the whole patch,” said Erin.