2022 Acre by Acre Award

2022 Acre by Acre Award: Richard Seiferheld

Land Trust of Napa County is proud to announce that Richard Seiferheld is the recipient of the 2022 Acre by Acre Award, presented at the Land Trust’s Cornerstone Society Gathering on September 24th.

The Acre by Acre award honors outstanding conservation accomplishments in Napa that epitomize the aspirations expressed in the Land Trust’s mission: to preserve the character of Napa by permanently protecting land.

“Richard has made countless efforts over the past four decades to protect the beauty of Napa,” said Land Trust CEO Doug Parker. “He has served as a Land Trust volunteer for over 35 years and has directly helped protect and steward important properties countywide.”

“While it is always gratifying to be recognized for one’s efforts or accomplishments,” said Richard, “the real reward for me is knowing that I have made some contribution to the mission of the Land Trust and the greater good of protecting our environment.”

Since 1982, Richard has served on multiple committees for the Land Trust, from the Project and Protection committees to the Board of Trustees. He has also served as a volunteer monitor of conservation easements, visiting most of the 155 easements held by the Land Trust.

Richard Seiferheld accepts 2022 Acre by Acre Award

Richard Seiferheld, left, accepts Land Trust of Napa County’s 2022 Acre by Acre Award from CEO Doug Parker during the non-profit’s yearly Cornerstone Society Gathering on September 24, 2022. Photo by Megan Reeves Photography.