Legacy Giving Options

Your legacy commitment can provide tax savings for you and your heirs as well as the opportunity to extend your investment beyond its worth today. The Land Trust looks forward to meeting with you to explore which option is right for you, one that is aligned with your conservation goals as well as your passion for the Land Trust mission. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


A bequest gift from your will or trust is the most common type of legacy gift, and is a simple and powerful way to make a significant contribution. Your bequest can take the form of real property such as land holdings or a residence, a specific cash amount, or a percentage of your assets that remain after your estate expenses are paid. Click here for language you can use in your bequest.

Beneficiary Designations

One of the easiest ways to leave a lasting legacy is designating the Land Trust as a beneficiary of one of your financial accounts, your individual retirement account (IRA), or life insurance policy.

The Benefits of Irrevocable Gifts

By making your legacy gift irrevocable, you can receive an immediate income tax deduction as well as a reduction in your estate taxes. There are also gift options that can provide you with steady income for the rest of your life and still provide a significant benefit to the Land Trust.

Gifts of Land

Gifts of real estate can reduce your taxes and may be able to provide you with income for life. The Land Trust accepts real estate gifts in two ways: land intended for conservation and properties intended for sale. You may make an outright gift of property or through the establishment of a charitable remainder trust.

“My sister and I grew up on what is now the Land Trust’s Archer Taylor Preserve, which is named after my father. We have entrusted all 380 acres to the Land Trust and my additional legacy gift will ensure that it will be well-cared for in perpetuity.” – Ann Taylor Schwing

Archer Taylor Preserve