Legacy Society Donors

Jim and Cricket Smith

Seeking a way to protect the Valley far beyond their lifetimes, Jim and Cricket have chosen to donate half of their estate to the Land Trust.

Visiting from Southern California for a job interview in November 1974, Jim Smith and his wife Cricket were captivated by the Valley’s scenic beauty. Napa’s agricultural lands and open space were a welcome change from the smog and sprawl of the San Bernardino area.

Feeling a desire to protect the landscapes of their new home, Cricket and Jim soon joined the Land Trust. In addition to their generous membership support they have been dedicated volunteers, devoting long hours to our various fundraisers.

“We want our legacy to go to an important cause, something we really feel passionate about,” said Jim.

“I grew up in small communities in Southern California and it was gorgeous. It changed dramatically over just a few years due to indiscriminate development. It’s frightening to think it could happen here in Napa,” adds Cricket.