Wildfire is a natural part of California’s ecosystems, but the “new normal” of extreme wildfire patterns demands a better understanding of how fire affects the natural environment and what each of us can do to be better stewards of our land before and after fire.

In an effort to address this “new normal”, the updated California Native Plant Society Fire Recovery Guide is now available for download at https://www.cnps.org/give/priority-initiatives/fire-recovery and in print through participating community partners.

The 92-page guide is a collaboration between the California Native Plant Society, dozens of scientific and topical experts, and more than 30 state and local organizations, including the Land Trust.

The guide includes:

  • Frequently asked questions about wildfire in California
  • A post-fire checklist for property owners
  • A decision-flow diagram for post-fire conditions
  • Erosion control recommendations
  • Tips for tree care and landscaping after fire
  • Defensible space updates, and
  • An overview of California’s most fire-prone habitats

California is still recovering from the 2018 wildfire season, the most severe and deadliest on record. As communities rebuild, the Land Trust, CNPS and their partners want to help Californians steward the post-fire environment and avoid further damage.